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For many businesses Lopedia works with, the development of a software application is a completely new experience filled with a set of new - and sometimes scary - questions.

Questions like:

With Lopedia we've heard those questions, and we understand that any technology choice can impose a huge risk on you.

Our process reduces that risk by sitting down with you and listening to what your needs and goals are for the technology. We'll build a proposal and walk through suggested solutions, and indicate why Lopedia mediates risks and how the solutions will add real results to your business.

What they want

The process of sitting down with our clients is extremely important. It's what Lopedia calls our translation service.

After 27 years experience with web and database development we have learned as software developers, our first and true focus is on understanding each of our clients business process, terminology, and work-flow.

When clients have come to us with stories of spending huge amounts of time and cash with other developers who simply collected a list of requirements, and then delivered "exactly that software" that failed to help the business, we feel their pain. Their projects failed because the developer delivered technology on the terms and catch-phrases of the client. They didn't offer a flexible and adaptive process to actually meet the needs, and deliver value.

At Lopedia, we have clients say the following: "Lopedia didn't build what we asked for, but what we wanted." And that is amazing praise. It reinforces that our process accurately and flexibly delivers what our clients are attempting to express, and their business needs.

And that is awesome.

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