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Meet your company's specific technology needs.

With Lopedia, you access an extraordinary development process that focuses on understanding your specific business process. Be it custom application development, the installation of packaged software, or the migration from an old application to a newer and more robust one - Lopedia can perform with your needs, expectations, and specifics that make your company unique.

We use industry standard platforms (like Windows Server, MySQL, ColdFusion, and MS SQL), adaptive solutions, and a development framework that will grow as your needs do, or as they change.

We're flexible enough that you can contract for your needs - full time to part, on-call to scheduled, short term to many months.

Our biggest value for our clients (based on feedback) is that we really listen. Most people believe that software development is scary process fraught with too many unknowns, and lots of risk. Many companies sell you on that fear. With Lopedia - we want you to have real results with understandable and acceptable costs. We want to deliver the solution to your needs. And we do that, and communicate that, at each stage - in a way that is understandable, friendly, and open to questions.

With Lopedia, software will never be as scary again.

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