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History of Lopedia

Web applications and database development for many, many, many years :-)

In 1994, the company All Under One Tent, a graphic design and chapbook publishing firm, launched a production and marketing channel for specialty and vanity presses. Over the next three years it built a solid knowledge of readership and audience. In 1997, the company realized its primary business had undergone a radical transformation with the advent of the internet. While it had taken steps to address these changes, it finally decided to rebranded and re-incorporated that year into Ububik - new media development - a change required to move forward in the digital age.

Leveraging the publishing history, Ububik developed strategies addressing changes in technology and society - focusing on the internet, and more specifically, communication and information transfer.

Between 1997 and 2001 we released three generations of software designed to manage collaboration and knowledge management. We called this content management software Lopedia.

In 2002, Ububik refocused specifically on this platform, and renamed the company to Lopedia, and re-branded the content management software Lopedia Portal. Today, while Lopedia Portal isn't offered as a product to new customers, it continues to be used by a variety of existing clients, and delivers several million pages a month.

Where we are now

In the 21 years since 2002, Lopedia has focused on developing the highest level of individual service and commitment to our clients using industry standard platforms, adaptive solutions, and a development framework that easily grows with our clients' ongoing expansion and change.

Today, Lopedia has delivered successful projects for federal and municipal governments, health care, agriculture, and both small and large business.

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